A picture's worth... a lot

I love taking pictures, although I'm no great shakes as a photographer. That's not false modesty. I've seen what other people can do with a camera. So have you. Aren't those year end collections of the best photographs of the year wonderful? Here's one from 2015 that I love. Or how about this?

Even though I'll never rise to that level, it gives me a little thrill every time a cover artist uses one of my photos in the background. You'll need to wait until the 20th to see the new glorious cover that Catt Ford made for Whistle Blower (coming 2.5), but here's the photo of mine that she used. It's particularly appropriate for this book to have one of my pics on the cover since it's set not very far from where I live and this is of my favorite walking trail. I'll let you know more about the book next week.