Happy Passover

Here's what I'm doing today - getting ready for Passover. The table is set and waiting for the last minute additions of water/parsley/eggs, the soup is made, we've got homemade gefilte fish, my sweetie will be cooking Cornish game hens and I'm waiting on a last minute shipment of gluten free matzah meal so I can finally make some matzah balls that I can actually eat. Friends are bringing the rest. It should be a festive, if predictably long, evening. Hoping I have time this afternoon for a nap.

If you're in a Pesach mood, I think I have the only gay Passover holiday romance (if you know of another I'd LOVE to hear about it). Learning from Isaac is a few years old now and I definitely think of Nate and Isaac every Passover. It's not exactly a romantic holiday, but it is all about family and connection. And spring and rebirth and liberation. So happy Passover to everyone! Here's to new beginnings.

Gorgeous cover by Jordan Castillo Price