Driving into the Sun

One of my favorite stories, out with a shiny new cover by the inimitable Jordan Castillo Price.

Two lonely men, one small car and two thousand miles

Chicago has become a dead-end for Dusty Walker. He’s lost his job, his apartment and most of his self-respect. The only choice he’s got left is to move into his parents’ basement, even though they live half a country away, didn’t approve of him when he was a teenager and are even less likely to now. 

Joe Black Eagle has his own complicated past. He made a mess of things five years ago. Since then he’s concentrated on his sobriety and earning back his nursing license. He’s about to get a fresh start with a new job in Seattle. Things are finally looking up.

Dusty has a few more mistakes to make and Joe might be just the guy to help him find his way. Provided Joe doesn’t toss Dusty out of the car somewhere in North Dakota first.

From chapter two:

When Joe finished with the hand, he put his fingers under Dusty’s chin and tipped his face toward the light. His touch was gentle, like a lover right before a first kiss. Dusty’s lips opened as he stared up into Joe’s dark brown eyes. Joe’s gaze flicked to Dusty’s mouth, then away. He wet some gauze and began dabbing at Dusty’s cheek. Dusty had forgotten about the scrape on his face. Now it stung. So much for the moment before a kiss. He bit the inside of his lip to keep from pulling away.

“Don’t worry.” Joe’s voice was soft, amused. “This won’t scar your handsome face.”

Driving into the Sun is a stand-alone, gay romance with just enough sex and a very happy ending. This full length novel was first published by Loose Id in 2014

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