The Bad Valentines Have Been Delivered!


Here’s what people are saying about Temporary Dad

I enjoyed Ruby’s part in their romance too, and thought she came across very realistically for her age. -Anne Barwell

 I'm just not that interested in kids in my romance books, but it was really sweet and possibly the most well-developed of the relationships among the four. - AAHickman

I had never read this author before so I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. It ended up being my favorite in the series. It had way more depth than the others and the author did a great job of setting up their relationship and showing it unfold on page. -Alisa

The writing is rock solid, the supporting characters are awesome! - Kat

Prior to requesting ARCs for the stories in this collection, I had never read Dev Bentham before. Shortly after receiving Bentham’s ARC, I also received an email newsletter containing several flash fiction pieces. Even though each piece was incredibly short, at the end of each I felt a satisfying sense of completion. With those impressions in mind, I felt certain that an 80-page story would be just as well-written and just as satisfying. And I was not disappointed. - Island River Scribe

First I've read of this author, I'd love to read more. I like the way they spin a tale! - Debbie

I really enjoyed this story and how there wasn’t a big blowup about Dylan lying. The two men are cute, and the chemistry was there. I liked being able to see it from both points of view. I can’t wait to read more from Dev Bentham. - Georgiana

An excellent Valentine's Day treat! I liked both Dylan and Nick, and was extremely pleased that they weathered the bumps on the road to a relationship without undue drama or emo. - Jillian MacLeod

I really enjoyed this truly sweet story. It’s not sticky sweet—it’s just right sweet. - Wendy

This is a delightful story and I really enjoyed it. The characters and storyline are great and it is well-written and hilarious. I love Nick and Dylan together and how their relationship develops. They have a great connection and sizzling hot chemistry. - Sarita

This was the best of the lot in the Bad Valentines stories and definitely my favorite. - Bayou Book Junkie

Temporary Dad by Dev Bentham did something many holiday stories don’t, which literally was make me laugh out loud! Of course, both the main characters are great guys who just happen to need to learn some things about life. Good thing Dylan is a teacher and Nick can listen. - Susan

Nick and Dylan were so very cute together. I loved that they met before Ruby was involved, but that she was the catalyst for them meeting again. - John-Torlief Harris

Out of all the books in this multi-author endeavor I think Dylan and Nick's story was the sweetest. - Joscelyn Smith

I loved that these guys spent weeks getting to really know one another. Great ending. - Shelley Chastaneger

I always admire Dev’s writing, in that with a few sentences, she paints a picture that you can really visualize, and this sweet story is no different. - Amazon Customer

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